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Collection of System76 Laptop Reviews 2020-2022


G520 Series Cellular Gateways Customized for Industry 4.0

Kria KD240 is a cost-effective DSP embedded solution


Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Released with GNOME 45 and Linux Kernel 6.5

Powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.5 kernel series with zstd-compressed modules to speed up boot time, new Apparmor / Stacking LSM patch set, updated shiftfs patch set, support for idmapped Ceph mounts, multi-gen LRU page reclaiming enabled by default, and desktop-oriented .config tweaks for the lowlatency kernel flavor.

GNOME 44.5 Arrives with Improvements for GNOME Software, Epiphany, and More

Arriving a little over a month after GNOME 44.4, the GNOME 44.5 point release is here to further improve the GNOME Software package manager, especially the styling of the Explore page and the performance of the PackageKit plugin search-by-file.

GNOME 45 “Riga” Desktop Environment Officially Released, This Is What’s New

Dubbed “Riga” after the host city of the GUADEC 2023 conference in Riga, Latvia, the GNOME 45 desktop environment is here to introduce a completely revamped Settings (GNOME Control Center) app that not only uses a more modern design based on the latest LibAdwaita library, but it also streamlines various settings.

Internet Society

Techxit: The UK Declares Its Exit from the High-Tech Startup World

No one in their right mind would now want to start up a high-tech company in the UK. With a last-minute addition to the Online Safety Bill (OSB), the UK government made it clear that startups are no longer welcome in the UK.

What’s the Internet Like Today?

Every day as I get my son ready for daycare, I recite seven words: “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” The results from this now-‘ritual’ search dictate what he’ll wear, what type of extra clothes I will pack, and whether we’ll need a jacket for the bike ride.

Tux Machines places great emphasis on covering both GNU and Linux. We occasionally also cover other Free and Open Source operating systems, as well as games, applications, instructional posts, and, very occasionally, relevant proprietary software.

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BBC Segment on the Humble Beginnings of Linux and Alan Cox's Role
Old video
Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Released with GNOME 45 and Linux Kernel 6.5
Ubuntu 23.10 beta is now available for public testing with the latest GNOME 45 desktop environment and powered by Linux kernel 6.5. Here’s what’s else is new!
GNU40 Event and Amin Bandali on New GNU Releases
GNU turns 40
Android Leftovers
Millions of Android users urged to delete two common ‘risky apps’ lurking on device to avoid ‘security disaster’
GNOME 45 Released, Here’s the Best New Features
GNOME 45 “Riga” raises the bar with its core app updates, ensuring a more enjoyable and efficient Linux experience. Here’s what’s new
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5 more howtos for now
Looking Back at (Almost) 20 Years of Tux Machines
We're gratified to have come this far and wish to thank longtime readers
Large and Well-Funded Free Software — Projects Like Systemd, Drupal and WordPress — Might Not Beget Freedom (Complexity Threatens Choice, Too)
I was closely involved in WordPress before a company was formed around it. I know how simple WordPress used to be.
KaOS Linux 2023.09 Adds KDE Gear 23.08, Focus To Shift On KDE Plasma 6 ISO
The development team behind the Arch Linux-inspired, KDE-oriented, and independently developed KaOS Linux distribution announced today the general availability of KaOS 2023.09.
EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.5.2 released
Easy 5.5 changed from traditional folder hierarchy to "usr-merge"; consequently there were lots of litttle issues
Audiocasts/Shows: Ubuntu Podcast From the UK and mintCast
2 new episodes
Fedora and Red Hat Leftovers
Corporate and community news
Deciding for ourselves: 98% of people want a browser choice screen, Mozilla study finds
What if we got to easily choose our web browser, and didn’t have to rely on complex operating system settings to change the pre-installed default?
OpenSource.com is Not Coming Back
They say "OpenSource.net launched as a new home," but why not use the original domain? Just adopting another domain isn't the solution.
today's howtos
another batch for today
GNOME 44.5 Arrives with Improvements for GNOME Software, Epiphany, and More
GNOME 44.5 desktop environment is now available with improvements for GNOME Software, Epiphany, GNOME Shell, Mutter, and other components.
GNOME 45 “Riga” Desktop Environment Officially Released, This Is What’s New
GNOME 45 desktop environment has been officially released with a revamped Settings app, improved Quick Settings, a refreshed Nautilus file manager, an enhanced Epiphany web browser, and much more.
Health-Checker, Gear, More update in Tumbleweed
A few openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots became available to users of the rolling release this week
Phoronix Rolled Out WebP Just as Everyone Needed the Emergency Patch. Also, Pipewire and Google Chrome commentary.
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
Never Update Your UEFI “BIOS”, Especially With LVFS on Linux. Also, systemd-boot is a Plot to Overthrow the PC’s Owner.
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
Android Leftovers
Lock screen widgets could make their long-awaited return in Android 14 QPR1
OpenTofu: The Linux Foundation’s Response to HashiCorp’s Moves
Say goodbye to licensing woes with HashiCorp’s surprising policy change. OpenTofu is a new free Terraform alternative
FIPS Validation for AlmaLinux OS
FIPS 140-3 will be valid for anyone using AlmaLinux OS 9.2, as long as it is supported
Paths in GTK, part 2
In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of paths and looked at how to create a GskPath
Blender 3.6.3
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite
5 Best Free and Open Source CardDAV Servers
Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion
Review of Youyeetoo Rockchip RK3568 SBC with Lubuntu 20.04 and the RKNPU2 AI SDK
We’ve already reviewed the Rockchip RK3568-power Youyeetoo YY3568 SBC with Android 11 – and listed the specifications and checked out the hardware kit – in the first part of the review
Linux 5.10.196
I'm announcing the release of the 5.10.196 kernel
Thinking about switching to Linux? 9 things you need to know
Now is the perfect time to migrate to Linux. Here's why
6 Best Free and Open Source Linux System Cleaning Tools
There are a number of open source applications for Linux which help to keep the operating system working like new
8 Best Free and Open Source Hard Disk Utilities for System Tweakers
Here’s our verdict captured in a legendary LinuxLinks-style ratings chart. Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion
openSUSE Slowroll: The King Is Dead, Long Live the King
With ALP and Slowroll on the horizon, openSUSE users may feel lost in translation. Don’t! Here are the answers and what lies ahead
Stable kernels: Linux 6.5.4, Linux 6.1.54, Linux 5.15.132, and Linux 5.10.195
I'm announcing the release of the 6.5.4 kernel
10 Best Features in GNOME 45
The upcoming GNOME 45 release is attracting a lot of hype already, and I’m pleased to say it comes provided out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 23.10, which is out next month
Announcing Fedora Linux 39 Beta
The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora Linux 39 Beta
Linux gives up on 6-year LTS kernels, says they’re too much work
Linux's six-year long-term support was meant to help embedded devices
Linux for beginners: Everything you need to know to get started
Linux can seem intimidating at first, but it's not as complicated as you might think. Here's the beginner's guide to Linux
Introducing the Librem 11
Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet. This powerful tablet comes preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface
Purism Launches New Secure Librem 11 Tablet (UPDATED)
Purism is excited to be introducing the new Librem 11 tablet running secure PureBoot and linux kernel based PureOS by default
Forty years of GNU and Free Software Directory meeting on IRC
Some FSF news
Audiocasts/Shows: Linux User Space, Late Night Linux, Destination Linux, WordPress Briefing
4 new episodes
Debian: DebConf23, Installing minidlna, and controversies
Some recent Debian posts
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