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Mini-PC features Tiger Lake processors and up to 6x 2.5GbE LAN ports

The HUNSN RJ17 is a fanless mini-PC which supports the i7-1165G7 11th Gen Intel processor. The device is offered as barebone or it can be configured with up to 32GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD storage.

Open-Source 8-Bit Gaming Console based on Arduino platform

Kickstarter recently featured the Arduboy Mini which is an 8-bit video game console based on the Arduino platform. The tiny console includes more than 300 games and it can also be used to learn to code games using the tutorials from the Arduboy Community.


System76 Unveils the “Launch Heavy” Full-Size and Open-Source Configurable Keyboard

Seven months after the release of the Launch keyboard and five months after the Launch Lite keyboard, System76 has prepared a nice Christmas present for all of us, the Launch Heavy keyboard, a new model that comes in full size and with new features.

KDE Gear 22.12 Improves Dolphin, Gwenview, Kate, Kalendar, KDE Connect, and Many Apps

KDE Gear 22.12 supersedes the KDE Gear 22.08 software suite and brings improvements to the Dolphin file manager with the ability to manage permissions remotely, a new feature called Selection Mode that makes it easier to quickly and easily select the files you want to work with, along with a new toolbar at the bottom of the view with various options of what you can do with the selected files.

Tor Browser 12.0 Released with Multi-Locale Support, Based on Firefox 102 ESR Series

Tor Browser 12.0 is a major update to the Firefox-based web browser powered by the Tor anonymous technologies and comes with upgraded internals based on the latest Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) series, namely Mozilla Firefox 102.

Fwupd 1.8.8 Brings BIOS Rollback Protection Support for Dell and Lenovo Systems

Coming one month after fwupd 1.8.7, the fwupd 1.8.8 release is here to implement BIOS rollback protection support for Dell and Lenovo systems, add the ability to generate OVAL rules for openSCAP evaluation, add an X-Gpu category for new hardware support, and add more ChromeOS metadata to the report attributes.

Blender 3.4 Released with Native Wayland Support on Linux, Many Improvements

The biggest change in Blender 3.4, which comes exactly three months after Blender 3.3 LTS, is the enablement of native support for the next-generation Wayland windowing environment on GNU/Linux systems. Initial Wayland support in Blender landed back in 2020, as a build option, but now it’s finally enabled by default.

Kali Linux 2022.4 Ethical Hacking Distro Arrives with Linux 6.0, Official PinePhone Support

Coming almost four months after Kali Linux 2022.3, the Kali Linux 2022.4 release is the first in the Kali Linux 2022 series to add support for the latest and greatest Linux 6.0 kernel series. This means that Kali Linux should now work on and support more hardware if you use the latest ISO images.

Audacity 3.2.2 Adds Realtime Capabilities to VST2 Effects, Improves Accessibility of Meters

Audacity 3.2.2 comes two months after Audacity 3.2.1, which was a small update fixing a startup crash, a crash when applying Waves Berzerk Distortion Mono to a mono track, and a freeze that occurred when playback was started or stopped very quickly, and two and half months after Audacity 3.2, the major update that added support for VST3 and real-time effects, FFmpeg 5.0 and WavPack support, and much more.

digiKam 7.9 Open-Source Photo Management App Released with Various Improvements

digiKam 7.9 is here about three months after digiKam 7.8 and it’s a maintenance update that only brings some improvements to the core functionality of the software. For example, it improves importing of coordinates from image metadata and improves the performance of album management from a remote database.

Tor Project blog

New Release: Tor Browser 12.0

Tor Browser 12.0 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory. This new release updates Tor Browser to Firefox Extended Support Release 102.

Ubuntu Buzz !

How To Import and Use Microsoft Excel Templates on LibreOffice Calc

This tutorial will help you be more productive with LibreOffice Calc by taking benefit of the existing, thousands of Microsoft Excel's templates on the internet. Thanks to LibreOffice compatibility features, this is possible. With this, you can quickly make invoices, receipts, project management, budget plans, financial reports, bookkeeping, teacher/student records and many more. Let's try now! 

Simple List of FOSS Games on Ubuntu

TUXEDO OS 1 overview | Surf, mail, work or play? Go for it!

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Oct 03, 2022

TUXEDO OS 1 overview | Surf, mail, work or play? Go for it! - Invidious

In this video, I am going to show an overview of TUXEDO OS 1 and some of the applications pre-installed.

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Apple GPU drivers now in Asahi Linux (UPDATED)
We’re excited to announce our first Apple GPU driver release
PHP 8.2.0 Released! (UPDATED)
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.2.0. This release marks the latest minor release of the PHP language.
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Xfce 4.18 Looks Exciting – Check Out Its Best New Features (UPDATED)
Xfce 4.18 features a raft of enhancements to this lightweight desktop environment. In this post I run through the best new features and changes.
Vivaldi Browser Now Boasts Mastodon Integration (UDPATED)
Mastodon is now baked into the latest builds of the Vivaldi web browser
KDE Gear 22.12 Improves Dolphin, Gwenview, Kate, Kalendar, KDE Connect, and Many Apps
The KDE Project announced today the release of the KDE Gear 22.12 software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other projects with many improvements for various apps.
First Look at Linux Mint 21.1 Beta with the Cinnamon 5.6 Desktop Environment
The beta version of the upcoming Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” distribution release is here and it comes with the latest Cinnamon 5.6 desktop environment, so I took it for a quick test drive to see what’s new.
FTC Files an Antitrust Lawsuit Against Microsoft
again and again
Asahi Linux Released First Version of Apple GPU Driver (Alpha)
The Asahi Linux team released the first Apple GPU driver, and you can install it on your Apple M1 and M2 devices.
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VirtualBox User ID and Password for Unattended Installation
Here's the VirtualBox default user id and password, and how to enable and disable unattended installation.
Fedora Community Blog: F37 elections voting now open
Many links
8 Best Free and Open Source Sticky Note Applications
It has often been said that information confers power, and that the most important currency in our culture today is information
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Fedora and Red Hat
Some IBM stuff
Chrome Dev 110 and Chrome Beta 109
Development releases
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Gemini protocol posts and pages from the past few days
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Python and more
Shows: InfinitelyGalactic, BSD Now, and Linux Action
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CERN, Fermilab select AlmaLinux as standard for big science
IBM's loss
Servers: Docker, Istio, Oracle, and Clown Computing Hype
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Devices With Linux and Open Platforms
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Manage your file system from the Linux terminal
I tend to enjoy lightweight applications
Windows and Proprietary Software
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Kumandar Linux: Lightweight Debian - Xfce Spin with Windows 7 Look
A new Linux distribution Kumandar Linux is under development (Alpha stage), and it makes switching to Linux easier with a default Windows 7 look.
Deepin 20.8 is officially released!
New release from China
Check Out This Awesome Adwaita Theme for Steam Linux Client
Are you an avid gamer who loves the look of GNOME’s Adwaita theme?
IDAD is coming soon: Stand with us in support of the freedom to share on December 16
New from FSF
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Aryan Kaushik: GNOME Asia 2022 Experience
In this blog, I'm pumped to share my experience attending GNOME .Asia 2022 Summit held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2nd December - 4th December.
Videos: IceWM, Pulsar, HDR, System76, and More
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System76 Unveils the “Launch Heavy” Full-Size and Open-Source Configurable Keyboard
Linux hardware vendor System76 announced today a new generation of their Launch configurable keyboard, the Launch Heavy, which comes with new features and full size.
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Vivo Android 13 and iQOO UI 4 update - bugs tracker (cont. updated)
GLib, GTK, NetworkManager update in Tumbleweed
The first six days of December have brought openSUSE Tumbleweed users six snapshots and developers plenty of conversation
Stable Kernels: Linux 6.0.12, Linux 5.15.82, Linux 5.10.158, Linux 5.4.226, Linux 4.19.268, Linux 4.14.301, and Linux 4.9.335
I'm announcing the release of the 6.0.12 kernel
Games: Unciv, OpenRazer, and Much More
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Latest posts in Techrights
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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G gets Android 13 update in the US
Testers Wanted: Plasma Browser Integration Manifest v3
Over the past couple of days I ported Plasma Browser Integration to Manifest v3
Convert and Manipulate Images With ‘Converter’ GUI Tool in Linux
Converter is an open-source graphical front-end that enables you to do that. It is a GTK4+libadwaita application
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Ubuntu and Debian: Charmed OSM and Debian Activities by Thorsten Alteholz
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SUSE: Compliance With ISO Standards, Open(SUSE) Build Service
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ArcoLinux Beta 23.01
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PCLinuxOS Articles and Magazine
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Microsoft-Connected Media on Security Issues
FUD or misdirection
Join the Free Software Foundation (FSF), Software Freedom Conservancy Organises Free and Open Source Software Yearly Conference (FOSSY)
Software freedom news
10 Open Source Free Airtable Alternatives and 7 Best Airplay Apps for Android
Some lists
Ship of Fools - Seafaring Coop Roguelike, Review on Linux
It runs ok with proton experimental or GE.
Cameyo Expanding to GNU/Linux
Not Windows-only anymore
Linux in LWN
New articles in LWN without the paywall
Microblogging with ActivityPub
As of late, concerns about the future of Twitter have caused many of its users to seek alternatives. Amid this upheaval, an open-source microblogging service called Mastodon has received a great deal of attention
Videos/Shows: Tim Pozar and Brian David, GNU/Linux "MAGIC", Linux Mint 21.1 Beta MATE, and More
Several more videos
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Open Hardware: ESP32, RISC-V, and Arduino
Modding-friendly devices
Chrome, Mozilla, and Tor Browser 12.0
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Programming Leftovers
Coding, inc. Rust
Blender 3.4 Released with Native Wayland Support on Linux, Many Improvements
The Blender Foundation released today Blender 3.4 as the latest stable version of this open-source, free, and cross-platform 3D computer graphics software that brings various new features and many improvements.
Use ’Ear Tag’ to Quickly Edit Audio Tags on Linux
Take Ear Tag, a new music tag editor for Linux written in Python and using GTK4/libadwaita
Longstanding bug in Linux kernel floppy handling fixed
Linux kernel 6.2 should contain fixes for some problems handling floppy disks, a move which shows that someone somewhere is still using them
Instantbox Gives You Instant Access to a Linux Distro in a Web Browser
Instantbox lets you create temporary Linux distros that you can access with your web browser.
digiKam 7.9.0 is released (UPDATED)
After four months of active maintenance and another bug triage, the digiKam team is proud to present version 7.9.0 of its open source digital photo manager
Videos: OpenIndiana, Reborn OS, Syslog-ng 101, Linux Out Loud
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Tor Browser 12.0 Released with Multi-Locale Support, Based on Firefox 102 ESR Series
The Tor Project announced today the release of Tor Browser 12.0 as the latest stable release of this privacy-focused open-source, free, and cross-platform web browser for those who want to protect their anonymity online.
Fwupd 1.8.8 Brings BIOS Rollback Protection Support for Dell and Lenovo Systems
Fwupd 1.8.8 Linux system daemon that allows session software to update firmware has been released today with new features for Dell and Lenovo systems, support for new hardware, and various bug fixes.
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many evening howtos
Kali Linux 2022.4 Ethical Hacking Distro Arrives with Linux 6.0, Official PinePhone Support
Offensive Security announced today the release and general availability of Kali Linux 2022.4 as the latest stable update to this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for ethical hackers and penetration testers.
Bitwarden Adds a New Passwordless Method to Access Your Web Vault
Bitwarden gets better every day, making things more convenient.
Red Hat Leftovers
IBM stuff, including new release
today's leftovers
many stories here, one video
I Made An Only Fans Case For My Raspberry PiI Made An Only Fans Case For My Raspberry Pi
Every time I’ve made a new case for my Raspberry Pi, there are always a few comments suggesting adding another fan or making improvements to the cooling
Security Leftovers
patches and incidents
OpenIndiana Hipster 2022.10 is here (UPDATED)
As you may already have noticed we have released new ISO and USB images for OpenIndiana Hipster some days ago
Add an ePaper display to Raspberry Pi Pico W with EnkPi 2.9-inch to 7.5-inch displays (Crowdfunding)
SB Components is running another crowdfunding campaign with the EnkPi ePaper display powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico W board and offered in four different sizes namely 2.9-inch, 4.2-inch 5.83-inch, and 7.5-inch
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Android 13 available for Nokia X20 and Nokia X10
BrosTrend Linux USB WiFi Adapter AC1200 Review
This review looks at the BrosTrend Linux USB WiFi Adapter AC1200 (AC1L)
Why I use the Enlightenment file manager on Linux
The Enlightenment file manager for Linux has essential customization options, good support for keyboard navigation, and it fits the rest of the desktop perfectly
Games: Dwarf Fortress, The Long Dark: Tales from the Far Territory, MineClone2, and More
7 stories from Liam Dawe
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Proprietary Software Costs
The real costs
today's howtos
half a dozen howtos
Open-Source 8-Bit Gaming Console based on Arduino platform
Kickstarter recently featured the Arduboy Mini which is an 8-bit video game console based on the Arduino platform
8 Linux Tools IT Operations Engineers Should Master
Some are tried-and-true and others are newer, but all eight of these Linux tools should be in IT operations engineers' tool belt.
Open source software host Fosshost shutting down as CEO unreachable (UPDATED)
The vague notice and the tweet generated much confusion among the community members who were unable to understand the real reason behind Fosshost's shut down
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GNU/Linux, OBS, and more
Programming Leftovers
Python, Perl, and more
Microsoft Windows Causes Grave Damage to Courts and Mayors' Offices
Windows TCO
PostgreSQL: Pgpool-II 4.4.0 is now released.
Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of Pgpool-II 4.4.0
Audacity 3.2.2 Adds Realtime Capabilities to VST2 Effects, Improves Accessibility of Meters
Audacity 3.2.2 open-source, free, and cross-platform audio editing software has been released today as the second maintenance update to the latest Audacity 3.2 series bringing various improvements and bug fixes.
Games: FEX-Emu 2212, Steam Deck, and 14 New Games You Can Play on Linux
Some gaming news
today's howtos
5 more howtos
GCC and FSF Latest
GNU's compiler and new Fall Bulletin
Linux 6.1-rc8 (UPDATED)
New RC, last?
5 Reasons for Regular People to Love the Linux Command Line
The Linux command line is a powerful tool that scares many casual users. But there are ample reasons for people to fall in love with the terminal.
Open Hardware: RISC-V, Arduino, and Purism
Devices that are more hacker-friendly
5 Ubuntu Linux Features You Should Be Using
Ubuntu needs no introduction. It’s the most popular Linux distribution for home users, hands down
Fedora / Red Hat Leftovers
IBM stuff, not only fluff this time around
KernelCI and Rust in the Linux Kernel
Rust inside Linux
Sparky 2022.12 (UPDATED)
New SparkyLinux release
Openwashing and Marketing From Proton, FSFE, and OSI
Some rather shallow pieces disguised as FOSS
Security Leftovers
LF and other stuff
GNUnet 0.19.0 released
We are pleased to announce the release of GNUnet 0.19.0.
Shows and Videos: Destination Linux, Ubuntu Budgie 22.10, and Much More
Lots of videos
Download Inkscape 1.2.2 (UPDATED)
Inkscape 1.2.2 is now available for download on Linux, Windows, and macOS
today's howtos
a large list of new howtos