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[PDF] Jewel and Pearl Free Ebook: Practical Guide to Command Lines and Terminal on Ubuntu Noble

Today we are happy to publish free ebook version of our tutorial Jewel & Pearl: a Practical Guide to Command Lines & Terminal on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" available as PDF as well as Writer's ODT. You are permitted to copy, edit, translate, print, sell and remix this book as long as you keep author's name and license unchanged. By this book, we want to help and support all Ubuntu users in both learning their own's basic command lines as well as exercising with LibreOffice altogether and these two things are important as dear readers may have known by reading The Ubuntu Buzz for years. Now happy reading and please help us share with your friends. Thank you for downloading! 


Khadas Officially Launches Mind Graphics eGPU with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti

Khadas has launched the Mind Graphics eGPU, featuring the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti. This expansion of the Mind hardware family boosts performance for creative design, video rendering, gaming, and more.

U2500 HAT Adds M.2 NVMe Support & Dual 2.5G Ethernet for Raspberry Pi 5

The U2500 M.2 NVMe & dual 2.5G Ethernet for Raspberry Pi 5, recently featured by the distributor 52Pi, is a versatile expansion module designed to enhance the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 5. This HAT board integrates high-speed storage and network features, making it suitable for various advanced applications.

RISC-V Based Lichee Pi 3A with 16GB RAM and PCIe Support

Sipeed launched the Lichee Pi 3A, an advanced development board designed for various computing tasks, including embedded systems and AI development. Powered by the K1 processor, a 22nm, RISC-V 1.6GHz CPU with eight cores, it ensures efficient performance for demanding applications.


Linux Kernel 6.10 Officially Released, This Is What’s New

Highlights of Linux kernel 6.10 include a new mseal() system call for memory sealing, Rust language support for the RISC-V architecture, Zstandard compression support for the EROFS file system, shadow stack support for the x32 subarchitecture, TPM bus encryption and integrity protection, and initial support for setting up PFCP (Packet Forwarding Control Protocol) filters.

CachyOS Introduces New Repository Optimized for AMD Zen 4 and Zen 5 CPUs

Starting with this release, CachyOS will automatically enable a software repository on new installations that will be used to provide the best performance for AMD Zen 4 and Zen 5 machines. In addition, the ISO now features automatic architecture checks for the Zen 4/Zen 5 repository and CachyOS’s hardware detection tool (chwd) received support for AMD GPUs for better detection of official ROCm-supported GPUs.

GNOME 47 Alpha Desktop Environment Released with Support for Accent Colors

Some of the biggest changes in the GNOME 47 desktop environment include support for accent colors (yes, finally!), support for using three or more fingers for touchpad gestures, XDG dialog protocol implementation, support for the DRM lease protocol, and re-implementation of support for legacy X11 cursor themes.


Today in Techrights

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Jul 10, 2024

Taal volcano in the Philippines

Updated This Past Day

  1. Republished Today: Why the US Declared War on Wikileaks
    The world’s most powerful government vs. the internet’s most influential whistleblower site. Is America’s war on Wikileaks an attack on journalism and free speech?
  2. [Video] Microsoft's Plan is Doomed: Expensive LLM 'Games', Clown Computing Losses, and Mass Layoffs Several Times Per Month
    Microsoft is trying to sweep the bad news under some rug or wardrobe
  3. ZDNet Kills the Linux RSS Feed (Syndication Redirected to Loads of Marketing Spam and Fake Articles)
    Jack Wallen and SJVN have been screwed
  4. Links 09/07/2024: Update on DMCA Case Regarding GitHub Copilot, "There Will be More Like Julian Assange"
    Links for the day


  5. [Video] Apple Still Unleashes Software Patent Menaces That Can Discourage Adoption of GNU/Linux
    Apple's role in spreading patented formats deserves more frequent scrutiny
  6. Links 09/07/2024: Against Slack, Adventures in Webmastery
    Links for the day
  7. [Meme] From Innocence to GNUisance in 41 Years
    Always keep an eye on the goal
  8. Faroe Islands: GNU/Linux Climbs to All-time High of 4%
    It used to be at around 0%
  9. "Empowering Diversity" at IBM/Red Hat Was Failed PR Stunt
    They know it was a failure
  10. Videos Still Important to Us
    Will we be back to an average of a video per day? Knock on wood!
  11. [Video] What the Freedom of Julian Assange Means to the Rest of Us Who Obtain Incriminating Information From Insiders (Sometimes Without Authorisation)
    It's difficult to say anything negative about what happened
  12. Microsoft's LLM Bubble Has Already Burst
    Microsoft's gambit or crazy gamble on "Hey Hi" (AI) hype is running out of steam
  13. Links 09/07/2024: Software Patents Challenged Again, Russia and North Korea Escalate
    Links for the day
  14. Gemini Links 09/07/2024: Asian Hornet, Boundaries, and Gopher
    Links for the day
  15. Canonical is a Microsoft/Wintel Company
    Can Canonical ever recover from this relationship?
  16. Microsoft Media Operative, Citing Leaked Document From Google: "Google’s Numbers Also Show Azure Had a Roughly $3 Billion Operating Loss"
    Fiscal 2023 ended days ago
  17. Why There Are Mass Layoffs in Azure, Thousands Have Been Fired Several Times So Far This Year (and Every Year Since 2020)
    This is why they hop onto "HEY HI" (AI) hype
  18. "No Institution or Project is Too Small to Evade Their Interference and Scrutiny"
    "See what has become of the OSI and Ubuntu / Canonical etc."
  19. Template for Ambitious 'Security' 'Journalists'
    explain why the user downloading and installing a malicious program is the fault of Linux
  20. A Leap for GNU/Linux in Barbados
    2019 - July 2024
  21. Over at Tux Machines...
    GNU/Linux news for the past day
  22. IRC Proceedings: Monday, July 08, 2024
    IRC logs for Monday, July 08, 2024
  23. Thinking of the Next Phase of Wikileaks (and Beyond Wikileaks)
    Wikileaks must become about Wikileaks again, i.e. new leaks, not about the Assange case
  24. The Paper Tiger
    Paper tigers don't last long
  25. GNU/Linux Surge in Qatar
    It's well over 4% is one counts Chromebooks too
  26. Even Notepad Has Become a Microsoft Keylogger (Spying on Keystrokes)
    To you those are "suggestions"
  27. Windows Falls to an All-time Low Again (26%)
    It'll soon fall to just a quarter of Web requests worldwide

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Tuesday contains all the text.

    Top-read articles (excluding bot/crawler visits):

    Span from 2024-07-03 to 2024-07-09
    2564 /n/2024/07/03/News_Calm_Now_July_4th_Time_for_Microsoft_to_Unearth_First_Batc.shtml
    1724 /n/2024/07/08/What_s_Growing_in_the_United_States_This_Year_is_GNU_Linux_Not_.shtml
    1584 /n/2024/07/06/Larissa_Brown_Shapiro_Mozilla_concerned_other_organizations_tak.shtml
    1526 /n/2024/07/04/Whistleblowers_from_Open_Labs_Hackerspace_Albania_in_GNOME_Wiki.shtml
    1323 /n/2024/07/08/Debian_Needs_a_Significant_Change_of_Direction_and_Recognition_.shtml
    1313 /n/2024/07/02/GNU_Linux_and_ChromeOS_Rising_in_Zambia_Android_Rises_Above_72_.shtml
    1063 /n/2024/07/03/Things_to_be_Pleased_About.shtml
    1040 /n/2024/07/03/It_s_Time_to_Say_Goodbye_to_Microsoft_and_Bill_Gates.shtml

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CachyOS Introduces New Repository Optimized for AMD Zen 4 and Zen 5 CPUs
Latest CachyOS release introduces a new repository optimized for AMD Zen 4 and Zen 5 CPUs, installer improvements, and more.
Linux Kernel 6.10 Officially Released, This Is What’s New
Linus Torvalds announced today the release and general availability of Linux 6.10 as the latest stable kernel branch that introduces several new features and improved hardware support.
OBS Studio 30.2 Released with NVENC AV1 Support on Linux, Unified PipeWire Source
OBS Studio 30.2 has been officially released today as the second update to the OBS Studio 30 series of this powerful, open-source, cross-platform, and free video recording and live streaming software.
Poof! Shaman Holly Million, Gnome’s Executive Director Disappears on July 31
Professional shaman Holly Million, who became Gnome’s executive director in October
GNOME 47 Alpha Desktop Environment Released with Support for Accent Colors
The GNOME Project today announced the alpha version of the upcoming GNOME 47 desktop environment series, due out later this year.
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NethSecurity 8.1 Open Source Linux Firewall Released
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Clonezilla Live 3.1.3 Disk Cloning Tool Is Here Powered by Linux Kernel 6.9
Clonezilla Live developer Steven Shiau released today Clonezilla Live 3.1.3 as a new version of this powerful, free, and open-source tool for cloning disk drives.