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Tor Project blog

New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 13.5a8

This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

Ubuntu Buzz !

How To Create a Wifi Hotspot on Ubuntu 24.04

This tutorial will help you create a wifi hotspot on your Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" laptop. This requires that your laptop's wifi device is known to be able to create hotspot (also known as Access Point or AP) and a cable internet access source. This way, you can share your cable internet access via a hotspot that everyone else's device nearby can connect to. It is very easy to do as the following. Now let's try it out!


You Can Now Install Linux Kernel 6.9 on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Here’s How

Linux kernel 6.9 was released on May 12th, 2024, with Rust support for AArch64 (ARM64) architectures, support for the Intel FRED (Flexible Return and Event Delivery) mechanism for improved low-level event delivery, support for AMD SNP (Secure Nested Paging) guests, as well as numerous other new and updated drivers for better hardware support.


M5Stack Launches Low-Cost 433MHz & 868MHz LoRa Modules

M5Stack has launched two new LoRa Modules in 433MHz and 868MHz versions, designed to enhance long-range wireless communication for IoT applications. Using the Semtech’s SX127x chip, these modules excel in remote control, smart city infrastructure, and industrial automation where standard networks fall short..

QCS6490 Vision-AI Development Kit: Featuring 13 TOPs NPU and 8-Core Kryo 670 CPU

Avnet has introduced the QCS6490 Vision-AI Development Kit, a sophisticated solution designed for vision-based AI applications. This kit includes an energy-efficient, multi-camera SMARC 2.1.1 compute module powered by the Qualcomm QCS6490 SoC.

EPIC Mainboard with PCIe x4 Slot and Dual 2.5 GbE Ports

The NANO-EHL by ICP Germany is an EPIC single board computer designed for robust performance and flexibility in industrial applications. Equipped with the Intel Celeron J6412 processor, this board targets automation, control systems, panel PCs, vending machines, and other embedded systems.

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OpenSUSE: Announcing Agama 8 and Review of openSUSE Tumbleweed Progress
a couple of openSUSE updates
Ubuntu 24.10 “Oracular Oriole” Is Slated for Release on October 10th, 2024
Ubuntu 24.10 “Oracular Oriole” operating system has been slated for release later this year on October 10th, 2024, and it’s expected to come with the GNOME 47 desktop environment and Linux kernel 6.10.
Microsoft Windows in Somalia: From 100% to About 10% [original]
According to statCounter anyway
NetBSD’s New Policy: No Place for AI-Created Code
NetBSD bans AI-generated code to preserve clear copyright and meet licensing goals
Wine 9.9 Introduces Wow64 Mode and Enhanced ARM Support
New in Wine 9.9: Wow64 ODBC mode, better ARM CPU detection, and removed obsolete features
GNOME 47 Will Be Released on September 18
Discover the full release schedule for the GNOME 47 desktop environment
Tux Machines Party at the "Lazy Panda" [original]
23 days from now
Winamp Media Player Goes Open Source
Winamp, a popular media player created in 1997, is set to go open source in September 2024, following Llama Group's reorganization due to financial difficulties.
Explore the Growing Role of Linux in Quantum Computing
how GNU/Linux and quantum computing intersect
Android Leftovers
Radxa ROCK 5C (Lite) SBC features Rockchip RK3588S2 or RK3582 SoC, WiFi 6, Raspberry Pi PCIe FFC connector
This Linux App Helps Me Easily Manage My Everyday Tasks
I think this is the perfect Linux app to help manage everyday tasks
All Italian-Language Schools in South Tyrol Migrated to Free Software
The following information was extracted from a report submitted to us by Paolo Dongilli
Free and Open Source Software
It provides both a simple standalone command line tool and a server
Kodachi – Ubuntu-based distribution with privacy in mind
Kodachi is a derivative of Ubuntu. It aims to offer a highly secure, anti-forensic, and anonymous computing environment
Address formatting in QML
KDE’s KContacts framework provides API for locale-aware address formatting and address format metadata since quite some time
The Final Day
If we're a bit quiet, that's why.
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only a few more links
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From the past 5 days
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mostly CISA
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Videos: Latest in Invidious
GNU/Linux focus
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Security related news with focus on FOSS
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EasyOS Updates
a pair of updates on this distro's development
Open Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and More
hardware news picks
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Goodbye Firefox and These Weeks in Firefox
Some Firefox news/views
Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS
Some IBM related things
today's howtos
3 howtos only
today's howtos
many howtos, afternoon
You Can Now Install Linux Kernel 6.9 on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Here’s How
You can now install the latest and greatest Linux 6.9 kernel series on your Ubuntu 24.04 LTS distribution. Here’s how to do it!
Games: Anticheat, Proton Experimental, CoolerControl, and More
7 articles from gamingonlinux
Manjaro Linux 24.0 “Wynsdey” Officially Released with Linux Kernel 6.9
Arch Linux-based Manjaro Linux 24.0 distribution has been officially released today as a major update introducing some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.
5 Tiny Tweaks That Help Me a Great Deal with Ubuntu 24.04 on My Laptop
Some simple tweaks and setting changes I use while running Ubuntu on laptops
Windows TCO Leftovers
Windows causing problems
Best Free and Open Source Software
Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion
EuroLinux – enterprise-class Linux distribution
EuroLinux is an operating system developed from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code
MarkNote 1.2
The MarkNote team is happy to announce the 1.2 release of MarkNote
Modern Slavery, Microsoft Abuses, and Linux Foundation (Openwashing PR Firm)
4 more stories
TPM in Ubuntu 24.10 and Linux Kernel 6.9 on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Ubuntu news
This week in KDE: all about those apps
A few weeks ago, some of us discovered that KDE apps just looked terrible when run in GNOME
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Try these Linux bash aliases for more efficient use of the command line
A bash alias is a shortcut to a complicated command
Getting Started With Linux: Your Gateway to the Open-Source Realm
Because ever since people started using the internet, there have always been concerns about one’s privacy and digital security
Welcome to Panamá, Where GNU/Linux is Now Measured at 10% [original]
Based on statCounter
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some hardware picks
Security Leftovers
Security picks
Linux Kernel 6.9 Officially Released, This Is What’s New
Linus Torvalds announced today the release and general availability of Linux kernel 6.9, the latest stable version of the Linux kernel that introduces several new features and improved hardware support.
Today in Techrights
Some of the latest articles
Security Leftovers
Security stories (x4)
Fedora 38 End of Life On May 21, 2024: Upgrade Now!
Important! Fedora 38 End of Life Approaches (May 21st). Upgrade to Latest Fedora Release Right Away
Security Patches and Linux FUD (Blaming Everything on "Linux" Again)
typical Microsoft et al
The Truth is About to Prevail [original]
Everything publish will stay intact and no one can take it down from Tux Machines and from Techrights
[Meme] UEFI 'Secure' Boot's Concept of Security [original]
locked door?
In Denmark, Like in Most of the World, Vista 11 Market Share is Collapsing and More People Install GNU/Linux on New PCs (That's Why Microsoft is Trying to Boot-lock PCs With UEFI) [original]
notice how Vista 11's share goes down, not up, over time
GNOME maintainers: here’s how to keep your issue tracker in good shape
One of the goals of the new GNOME project handbook is to provide effective guidelines for contributors
Stable kernels: Linux 6.9.1, Linux 6.8.10, Linux 6.6.31, Linux 6.1.91, Linux 5.15.159, Linux 5.10.217, Linux 5.4.276 and Linux 4.19.314
I'm announcing the release of the 6.9.1 kernel
Ubuntu 24.04 Official Flavors Are Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New
As part of today’s release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat), all the official Ubuntu flavors have been updated to the same version and, in this article, you can learn about their new features and improvements.
The New Thunderbird Website Has Hatched
We wanted a website where you could quickly find the information you need
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redhat.com articles and articles cited today by redhat.com
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Programming-related news and views
Applications: Penetration Testing, Tor Browser, Ungoogled Chromium, Neovim, and More
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today's leftovers
half a dozen more stories
Microsoft Layoffs, Closures, and Anger
The harms of Microsoft
Security and Windows TCO Leftovers
incidents and more
Years After Microsoft Uses 'Linux' Foundation for Greenwashing PR Campaign...
it turns out to be a lie
Android Leftovers
How to Use ‘Circle to Search’ on an Android Phone
Neovim 0.10 Text Editor: What’s New and What’s Changed
Neovim 0.10 terminal text editor brings a fresh default color scheme
7-Zip 24.05 Expands Archive Compatibility
7-Zip 24.05 file archiver introduces speed optimizations for decompression
Implementing DRM format modifiers in NVK
Progress on NVK
Games: Athenian Rhapsody, Towerful Defense: Prologue, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER
8 stories from gamingonlinux
today's howtos
quite a few howtos in this first batch of today
Open Hardware: HackBat, TSMC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and More
5 hardware stories
Tails 6.3 Rolls Out with Updated Tor Browser
Tails 6.3 security-focused Linux distro released with Romanian & Malayalam translations and an updated Tor Browser to 13.0.15
GNOME OS Migrates to Systemd-Sysupdate
GNOME OS's transition to systemd-sysupdate promises secure and swift updates for a safer, more consistent OS
Best Free and Open Source Software
Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion here
Collections of Different Linux Distributions
They can have different philosophies
Endless OS 6 Is Here Based on Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”
The Endless OS Foundation announced today the release and general availability of Endless OS 6 as the latest version of this Debian-based and app-centric operating system for everyday use.
GNU/Linux in Montenegro Up to 7% Market Share in Desktops/Laptops, Based on statCounter [original]
Can Montenegro sustain this growth?
Today in Techrights
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Did IBM make a $6.4 billion blunder by buying HashiCorp?
Terraform maker's programs are ideal fit for Big Blue, but why splash out when the software's free and open?