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ZOTAC ZBOX PRO Series: External GPU Boxes Featuring NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Professional-Grade GPUs

ZOTAC has recently launched the ZBOX PRO External Graphics Box series, engineered to enhance the graphics and computing performance of Mini PCs and notebooks. The series includes three models, with the EGB AD5000 featuring up to 9728 CUDA cores.

Z100-0dB Fanless Mini PC with N100 Intel Processor & 2.5GbE LAN Port

The Z100-0dB fanless mini PC is engineered for quiet performance, thanks to its passive cooling system. Equipped with the Intel Alder Lake-N Quad-Core N100 processor, this device is optimal for web browsing and office applications, making it ideal for any environment where noise reduction is important.

Ubuntu Buzz !

How To Set an Alarm/Timer on Ubuntu 24.04

This tutorial will show you how to set an alarm and timer using preinstalled app GNOME Clocks on Ubuntu 24.04. In short, you can use this to remind yourself a period of time like cooking, exercising, napping etc. both short and long time, repeatedly or not. For example set a timer and do your activity and Ubuntu will pop up in five or ten minutes "beep beep" to remind you kindly. Now let us try it out and have fun!

How To Install Packages Easily with Synaptic on Ubuntu 24.04

After you have Synaptic installed and you are ready, now this tutorial will quickly introduce and help you to practice installing, removing, and upgrading software packages with examples on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" using Synaptic Package Manager. You will learn by exercises, without knowing too much details about Synaptic. We hope with this tutorial you can work immediately with your new Ubuntu machine by having applications, games and utilities you need the most at the same time getting to know more about Ubuntu itself. Now let's start the exercise!


System76’s Darter Pro Linux Laptop Gets 16:10 Display, Intel Core Ultra CPUs

It’s been more than 3 years since System76 updated the Darter Pro, and now the latest version of the Linux-powered notebook comes with Intel Core Ultra 5-125H or Intel Core Ultra 7-155H processors with integrated Intel Arc graphics, up to 4.8 GHz clock speed, up to 24MB cache, and up to 16 cores and 22 threads.

Canonical Announces Availability of Real-Time Kernel for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

The real-time Ubuntu kernel is designed for enterprises in aerospace, automotive, defense, IoT, robotics, and telcos, as well as the public sector and retail. It’s an optimized kernel designed to handle the most demanding and critical workloads, and time-sensitive applications by reducing kernel latencies and boosting performance.

GNOME 46.2 Released with Various Improvements and Bug Fixes

GNOME 46.2 comes a little over a month after GNOME 46.1 and improves lock screen notifications, tweaks font sizes in the calendar applet, centers the time on the lock screen when using a 12h format, improves the handling of invalid TLS certificates in the portal handler, fixes the size of the workspace switcher OSD, and fixes displaying of info messages on the login screen.

Linux Kernel 6.8 Reaches End of Life, Users Should Upgrade to Linux Kernel 6.9

Released on March 10th, 2024, Linux kernel 6.8 introduced new features like LAM (Linear Address Masking) virtualization and guest-first memory support for KVM, a basic online filesystem check and repair mechanism for the Bcachefs file system, and support for the Broadcom BCM2712 processor in Raspberry Pi 5.

Transmission 4.0.6 Open-Source BitTorrent Client Released with Various Fixes

Coming almost six months after Transmission 4.0.5, the Transmission 4.0.6 release is here to improve the parsing of the HTTP tracker announce response, update the Flatpak release metainfo, improve UTP peer connections to follow user-defined speed limits better, and address a couple of logging issues.

KaOS Linux 2024.05 Brings Bcachefs Support, Marknote Note-Taking App

KaOS 2024.05 is here almost three months after KaOS 2024.03 and ships with the latest and greatest KDE software, including the KDE Plasma 6.0.5 desktop environment, as well as the recently released KDE Gear 24.05 and KDE Frameworks 6.2 software suites, all built on the Qt 6.7.1 application development framework.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Is Now Optimized for the Milk-V Mars RISC-V SBC

Dubbed as the world’s first credit-card-size high-performance RISC-V SBC from Milk-V, the Milk-V Mars board is powered by the StarFive JH7110 processor with an integrated 3D GPU. It is the ideal hardware platform for RISC-V developers and enthusiasts.

Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC Running Linux: Introduction To The Series

posted by Rianne Schestowitz on Oct 02, 2023,
updated Oct 10, 2023

Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC

This is a multi-part blog looking at an Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC running Linux. In this series, we examine every aspect of this Mini PC in detail from a Linux perspective. We’ll compare the machine with modern desktop PC counterparts along the way.

This machine is sold by GEEKOM, a leading and respected brand and manufacturer of Mini PCs. They provide a 3 year warranty on their Mini PCs.

The Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC (“NUC 13”) is available in a variety of configurations. GEEKOM supplied the machine with an Intel i7-1360P processor which has 12 cores, 16 threads. The CPU has 4 performance cores (8 threads) and 8 efficient cores. Performance cores maximize single-thread performance and responsiveness, while efficient cores offer scalable and efficient offload of background tasks for modern multi-tasking.

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KaOS Linux 2024.05 Brings Bcachefs Support, Marknote Note-Taking App
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