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KDE’s Plasma Mobile Gets Ported to KDE Frameworks 6 and Qt 6

While the KDE Project is also working hard on the Plasma 6 desktop environment series, Plasma Mobile users will be happy to learn that repository for Plasma Mobile packages was already ported to KDE Frameworks 6 and Qt 6.

System76 Announces New Gazelle Linux Laptop with a 13th Gen Intel CPU, 64GB RAM

The new Gazelle Linux laptop is powered by a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 13900H “Raptor Lake” CPU with 14 cores, 20 threads, 24 MB cache, integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, and up to 5.4 GHz clock speed and features the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 dedicated graphics card, which makes it ideal for gaming and high-performance CUDA workloads on-the-go.

Qt Creator 10 Open-Source IDE Released with LLVM 16 Support, CMake Improvements

Qt Creator 10 comes more than four months after Qt Creator 9 and introduces new features like the ability to temporarily drag the progress details out of the visible area and support for the “Open as Centered Popup” option to remember the last search term typed into the input field.

Blender 3.5 Released with New Sculpting Feature, Light Sampling, and More

Highlights of the Blender 3.5 release include support for Vector Displacement Map (VDM) brushes for the Draw brush, a new Extrude Mode for the Trim tools, light sampling support for Cycles to more effectively sample scenes with many lights, as well as Open Shading Language (OSL) support for OptiX.

Arch Linux Installer Gets Initial Swapfile Prototype, Updated Sway Profile, and More

Archinstall 2.5.4 is here to implement an initial swapfile prototype to enable the creation of a swapfile and hibernation, an updated profile for the Sway window manager to allow you to install it with polkit or seatd, as well as the ability to generate a -fallback variant of boot entries for systemd-boot.

Finnix 125 Linux Distro Arrives for Sysadmins with Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS

Powered by the long-term supported Linux 6.1 LTS kernel series, Finnix 125 is here to introduce several new packages, namely the aespipe AES encrypting/decrypting pipe, iperf3 network performance measurement and tuning tool, ncdu disk utility, and netcat-traditional as the “classic” version of the netcat computer networking utility.

OBS Studio 29.1 Promises AV1/HEVC Streaming over RTMP, Lossless Audio Recording

OBS Studio 29.1 promises new features like support for streaming AV1/HEVC over RTMP for YouTube, support for surround sound for AJA capture cards, new lossless audio recording options for FLAC, ALAC, and PCM (including 32-bit float), as well as support for multiple audio tracks in Simple output recording.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Becomes Official Ubuntu Flavor

Created and maintained by members of the Linux community, Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is an Ubuntu derivative that features the modern Cinnamon desktop environment developed by the Linux Mint team. Cinnamon Remix aims to offer a traditional approach to the modern Linux desktop.

Pitivi 2023.03 Video Editor Brings Back Autoaligner, Adds More Precise Audio Waveforms

Pitivi 2023.03 has been in development for the past nine months, superseding the Pitivi 2022.06 release, but it doesn’t look like it’s a big update as it only adds a couple of new features and smaller improvements.


MYIR unveils Renesas RZ/G2L based embedded modules

MYIR launched today a CPU module based on the Renesas RZ/G2L System-on-Chip optimized for HMI, IoT and embedded devices with video capabilities. The MYC-G2LX CPU module is equipped with up to 2GB DDR4, 8GB eMMC and support for Linux.

RAKwireless launches modules designed for LoRa and BLE5 connectivity

This month, RAKwireless launched a LoRa/BLE5 module based on the Ambiq Apollo3 Blue SoC and the Semtech SX1262 optimized for IoT applications. These new RAK11720 modules start at $7.99 and are compatible with Arduino programming.

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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Jan 30, 2023

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OBS Studio 29.1 Promises AV1/HEVC Streaming over RTMP, Lossless Audio Recording
OBS Studio 29.1, the first major release since OBS Studio 29.0, is now available for public beta testing with multiple new features and improvements.
Blender 3.5 Released with New Sculpting Feature, Light Sampling, and More
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3 reasons why OTA updates are important [Part II]
In the first part of this blog series, we covered what the term ‘OTA’ means and some key advantages and considerations of using OTA technology in IoT
Plasma, GwenView, increase sidebar font size
I understand there's a need for some sort of visual hierarchy here and there
This Month in Plasma Mobile: March 2023
We continued the port to Qt6, prepared the 23.04 release and attended SCaLE in California
Best Linux Distros for Security and Privacy
...with so many Linux distros available, it can be difficult to know which one will provide you the anonymity you so require
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Qt Creator 10 Open-Source IDE Released with LLVM 16 Support, CMake Improvements
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Rockchip RK3588 embedded PCs support PoE, 4G LTE, 10GbE, 2.5-inch SATA HDD, and more
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EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.2 released
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Finnix 125 Linux Distro Arrives for Sysadmins with Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS
Ryan Finnie announced today the release and general availability of Finnix 125 as the latest stable version of this Debian-based live GNU/Linux distribution for sysadmins.
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KPhotoAlbum 5.10.0 released
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Oh, Snap. openSUSE downloads increasing, and Leap 15.5 is coming soon
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FreeBSD 13.2-RC5 Now Available
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Hands-on, Ad-free browsing at your home with Leap Micro 5.4 Beta
The Beta version of our Immutable HostOS Leap Micro 5.4 is now available
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12 Best Linux Server Distributions of 2023
Linux is free and open-source, this has emanated from the low total cost of ownership of a Linux system, compared to other operating systems
Plasma, Dolphin, Downloads folder, grouping by date
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HackerBox and Hardware Printing With Raspberry Pi
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How to Fix an Error Unable to Correct Problems You Have Held Broken Packages
One of the quite common errors while installing packages on Ubuntu is the “Held broken packages” error, which can be solved very easily with this guide.
Pitivi 2023.03 Video Editor Brings Back Autoaligner, Adds More Precise Audio Waveforms
Pitivi, the open-source and free GStreamer-based video editor designed with a strong focus on efficiency, quality, and usability, has been updated to version 2023.03.
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The 5 Best Android Apps For Note-Taking In 2023
conga-STDA4 SMARC 2.1 module features TI TDA4VM/DRA829J Jacinto 7 processor
congatec will provide a Linux BSP for the Arm Cortex-A72 cores, as well as support for Wind River VxWorks
Vanilla OS Ditches Ubuntu in Favor of Debian Sid
Vanilla OS is shaking things up with a move from Ubuntu to Debian Sid. Learn what led the developers to make this decision
carbonOS: This Upcoming Independent Distro is All About UX and Robust Experience
carbonOS is a new upcoming distro on the radar. Explore more about it here
What is System Hardening? Definition and Best practices
System hardening means locking down a system and reducing its attack surface...
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Documentation, Alternative to ChaffGPT (Chaff/Distraction From Microsoft Layoffs), WordPress Briefing, and Lunduke Big Tech Show
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Converseen Flatpak now with Heif/Heic, PDF, LibRAW Support
Although Converseen has been available as a Flatpak package for a few months now, it finally now has a series of updates that bring it up to par with the corresponding AppImage and Snap packages in terms of features.
Ham Radio, 'Linux' Foundation, and Yet More Microsoft Layoffs
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FSFE: OpenPGP/Nitrokey, Interoperable Europe Act, and YH4F (Child Labour)
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GnuCash 5.0 Accounting Software Released with New Stock Transaction Assistant
The GnuCash 5.0 free, open-source, and cross-platform accounting software has been released today as a major update that brings several exciting new features and many improvements.
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