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Proton 9.0-2 Brings Support for Alpha League, Helldivers 2, and Other Games

Proton 9.0-2 is here about five weeks after the major Proton 9.0 release to add support for even more games, including Alpha League, Helldivers 2, Black Desert Online, FreestyleFootball R, Hero’s Land, Iragon, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Warlords Battlecry III, and Battlezone Gold Edition in VR mode.

Firefox 128 Enters Beta Testing with a Revamped Dialog for Clearing User Data

With the upcoming Firefox 128 release, Mozilla will try to push the revamped dialog to clear user data, initially planned for Firefox 126. The new dialog lets you easily clear your browsing history, cookies, site data, site settings, as well as temporary cached files and pages.

openSUSE Leap 15.6 Officially Released, Here’s What’s New

Built on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 6 (SP6), openSUSE Leap 15.6 is here a year after openSUSE Leap 15.5 and it’s powered by the Linux 6.4 kernel series. It features pre-installed images with the KDE Plasma 5.27.11 LTS, GNOME 45, and Xfce 4.18 desktop environments.

AlmaLinux OS Now Officially Supports the Raspberry Pi 5 Computer

It’s been a long time coming and it’s also been challenging for the devs, but Raspberry Pi 5 support is finally here for both AlmaLinux OS 9.4 and AlmaLinux OS 8.10 releases, featuring the GNOME desktop environment as the default graphical interface.


8devices Carambola 3 Wi-Fi Module Now Includes OpenWrt Upstream Support

The Carambola 3 is a compact System on Module powered by the Qualcomm QCA4531 chipset, designed for a broad range of embedded applications including IoT, industrial automation, and smart home devices. This Wi-Fi module, which also has a compatible DVK, now benefits from OpenWrt support, as announced by 8devices.

Mixtile mPCIe Module Adds Zigbee & Z-Wave Support to Mixtile Edge 2

The Mixtile 2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave mPCIe Interface Module enhances smart home gateways by integrating advanced wireless technologies. This new product is designed for any IoT gateway with a mini PCIe interface running Home Assistant, it also works seamlessly with the Mixtile Edge 2 Kit, offering versatility for various setups.

Tor Project blog

New Release: Tor Browser 13.0.16

This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 13.5a9

This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

Ubuntu Buzz !

What To Do After Installing Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat and Recommendations

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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Jan 25, 2023,
updated Jan 25, 2023

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Firefox 128 Enters Beta Testing with a Revamped Dialog for Clearing User Data
With Firefox 127 out the door, Mozilla has promoted the next major version of the open-source web browser, Firefox 128, to the beta channel for public testing, so it’s time to take a first look at its changes.
openSUSE Leap 15.6 Officially Released, Here’s What’s New
The openSUSE Project today announced the release and general availability of openSUSE Leap 15.6 as the latest stable version of this openSUSE variant for those who prefer a more conservative and well-tested operating system.
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YOGA is a command-line tool and a library that can convert and optimize images from various format to JPEG
Mixtile mPCIe Module Adds Zigbee & Z-Wave Support to Mixtile Edge 2
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Slimbook Executive, long-term usage report 4
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Linux Lite 7.0 “Galena” Officially Released with Xfce 4.18, Based on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Linux Lite developer Jerry Bezencon announced today the release and general availability of Linux Lite 7.0 as the latest version of this Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the lightweight Xfce desktop environment.
Security-Oriented Distro Parrot OS 6.1 Improves Raspberry Pi 5 Support
Parrot Security released today Parrot OS 6.1 as the latest stable version of their Debian-based security-oriented distro for ethical hacking and penetration testing with updated tools and improvements.
NixOS 24.05 Arrives with Linux 6.6 LTS, GNOME 46, KDE Plasma 6, and Lomiri
The independent distro NixOS, whose set of packages can be used on other GNU/Linux distributions, as well as on macOS systems, has a new major release, NixOS 24.05.
ExTiX Deepin 24.6 Live based on Deepin 23 RC (latest) with Refracta Snapshot and kernel 6.9.3-amd64-exton :: Build 240607
I’ve released a new version of ExTiX Deepin today (240607)
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Microsoft Will Switch Off Recall by Default After Security Backlash
After weeks of withering criticism and exposed security flaws, Microsoft has vastly scaled back its ambitions for Recall
Berry Linux – live distribution based on Fedora
Berry Linux is a lightweight Live CD Linux distribution that has English and Japanese support
Help wanted! Port KDE Frameworks oss-fuzz builds to Qt6/KF6
If you're looking for an isolated and straightforward way to start contributing to KDE
Replace Android System Apps With Open Source Alternatives
Android is a fantastic smartphone system, many parts of it are open source
5 Linux commands you need to know to troubleshoot problems
Having issues in Linux? These commands can help you get to the bottom of them
Thunderbird: The Build and Release Process Explained
Our Community Office Hours session for May 2024 has concluded
Apple Decides to Block Open-Source Emulator App for iOS
Apple being Apple.
Adventures With My New Chromebook
A friend of mine helped me buy a new Chromebook a few weeks back. These are my adventures in getting to know what it is like to use and see if I could get it to do some extra stuff too.
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Daniel Pocock: European Parliament election count 2024 day 1
Evidence has confirmed that there is a Debian suicide cluster. The people who impose themselves upon the careers of their co-authors and our families like this appear to revel in causing pain and grief.