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OBS Studio 30.2 Released with NVENC AV1 Support on Linux, Unified PipeWire Source

OBS Studio 30.2 is here three months after OBS Studio 30.1, which introduced AV1 support for VA-API and PipeWire Camera source, and brings Linux support to the native NVENC AV1 encoder, along with shared texture support to the NVENC encoder, the QuickSync encoder, and the VA-API encoder.

TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 Linux Laptop Brings Fast Intel and AMD CPUs

Packed with an 80 Wh battery and an all-aluminum chassis, TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 lets you choose between two fast processors, namely the AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS with 8 cores & 16 threads and AMD Radeon 780M graphics or the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H with 16 cores & 22 threads and Intel Arc graphics, as well as up to 96 GB DDR5 RAM and 8TB PCIe 4.0 SSD storage.

Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” Reached End of Life, Upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Dubbed the “Mantic Minotaur”, Ubuntu 23.10 was released last year on October 20th and it’s an interim release that received only nine months of support with software and security updates. Ubuntu 23.10 was powered by the Linux 6.5 kernel series and featured the GNOME 45 desktop environment.

Mozilla Thunderbird 128 ESR Is Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New

Probably the biggest highlight of Mozilla Thunderbird 128 (codename Nebula) is ESR (Extended Support Release) support, which means that the Thunderbird 128 branch will receive updates for at least a couple of years. This means that GNU/Linux distros that rely on the ESR branch will finally be able to upgrade, such as Debian.

KDE Frameworks 6.4 Is Out Now with ColorScheme-Accent and JXR Support

The monthly KDE Frameworks updates continue and KDE Frameworks 6.4 is here to add JXR (JPEG XR) support to supported image formats, improve the legibility of the text in Kirigami.NavigationTabBar buttons, especially on low or medium-DPI screens, improve the accessibility of the common Kirigami.PlaceholderMessage UI component, and improve information density in Get New [thing] dialogs, which now use a more compact view style by default.

GNOME 46.3 Desktop Environment Released with Various Improvements

Coming one and a half months after GNOME 46.2, the GNOME 46.3 release improves performance when using multiple virtual monitors, iBus support in pop-ups, hardware-accelerated rendering when headless, back support for legacy X11 cursor themes, and Activities Overview animation when windows overlap workspaces.

LibreOffice 24.2.5 Office Suite Is Now Available for Download with 78 Bug Fixes

Coming about five weeks after the LibreOffice 24.2.4 update, LibreOffice 24.2.5 is here to introduce more fixes for those annoying issues, bugs, crashes, regression, and other problems reported by users in the latest LibreOffice 24.2 series.

Ubuntu Buzz !

Jewel and Pearl: A Practical Tutorial to Command Lines and Terminal on Ubuntu Noble


Pine64 Unveils Oz64: An Upcoming SBC Featuring Sophgo SG2000 SoC and Wi-Fi 6

The Pine64 Oz64 is an upcoming single-board computer that integrates 64-bit RISC-V cores and 64-bit ARM cores with the Sophgo SG2000 System-on-Chip. This cost-effective device offers fast wireless communication capabilities with Wi-Fi 6 and optional Power-over-Ethernet support.

Quartz64 Zero: A Low-Cost SBC Featuring Rockchip RK3566T with 64-bit Arm and 32-bit RISC-V CPUs

Pine64 recently introduced the Quartz64 Zero, a compact and economical single board computer featuring the Rockchip RK3566T SoC. Designed for both hobbyists and commercial applications, this board offers scalable features and a guaranteed long-term supply.

DietPi July 2024 News (Version 9.6)

The July 2024 release of DietPi v9.6 introduces new software, enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance user experience and system performance. This update includes the addition of the IRC bouncer software package soju and several improvements across different devices and features.

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Links 12/07/2024: EU/China Tensions and Ukraine War Updates
Links for the day
Change to FreeBSD release scheduling and support period
We are making two changes related to the release engineering process
OpenShot 3.2.1 Video Editor: Smoother, Faster, Better
OpenShot 3.2.1 open-source video editor is here with new themes, UI/UX improvements, and bug fixes
Mozilla Thunderbird 128 ESR Is Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New
The Mozilla Thunderbird 128 open-source email client has been released as a major update that introduces many new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
Linux 6.6.38
I'm announcing the release of the 6.6.38 kernel
KDE Frameworks 6.4 Is Out Now with ColorScheme-Accent and JXR Support
The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 6.4 as a new update to this open-source collection of more than 70 add-on libraries to Qt that provide a wide range of commonly needed functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and KDE applications.
Zed, a GPU-accelerated IDE Written in Rust, is now available for Linux
Open-source editor Zed is now available for Linux
DXVK 2.4 Released with Non-Native Refresh Rate Emulation, Direct3D 8 Support
DXVK 2.4 Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10, and D3D11 for Linux / Wine is now available for download as a major update that introduces new features and improves support for multiple games.
Google extends Linux kernel support to keep Android devices secure for longer
longer time for patching window
OpenSSH 9.8 Fixes Critical sshd Vulnerability
OpenSSH 9.8 enhances security, fixing critical race conditions in sshd and logic errors in ssh
Daniel Bristot de Oliveira Has Passed Away
Daniel Bristot de Oliveira of Linux
FreeDOS open-source text-based OS turns 30, still in active development and primarily used for retro gaming | Tom's Hardware
FreeDOS dates back to 1994, when its developer, Jim Hall announced it as PD-DOS
OBS Studio 30.2 Released with NVENC AV1 Support on Linux, Unified PipeWire Source
OBS Studio 30.2 has been officially released today as the second update to the OBS Studio 30 series of this powerful, open-source, cross-platform, and free video recording and live streaming software.
Security Leftovers
Security links for the day
Games, Mozilla, and HowTos
half a dozen of 3 pairs of news
Programming Leftovers
Programming related news
Ubuntu: Robotics and App Center Updated
Some Ubuntu newss
Linux Graphics: Arm and the GPU stack
some graphics news
Security Leftovers
Updates, Taler, and more
RHEL, Red Hat, and Fedora
some IBM leftovers
Audiocasts/Shows: BSD Now and Bad Voltage
2 new episodes
China's homegrown OS fires back at AI PCs - openKylin gets AI assistant, text-to-image generation, and local LLM support
Newest version of homegrown Chinese OS openKylin
TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 Linux Laptop Brings Fast Intel and AMD CPUs
German hardware vendor TUXEDO Computers announced today in a press release the availability for pre-order of the 9th generation (Gen9) of the TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Linux-powered laptop.
Open Hardware: Raspberry Pi, ESP32, Orange Pi, and More
7 new projects or stories
Android Leftovers
This Open-Source Android Podcast App is What You Need in 2024
The review-work balance, and other dilemmas
"There are things I’ve taken up in Gentoo simply because I’ve found them interesting or enjoyable. However, there are also some things that I’ve taken up, because they needed to be done and nobody was doing them."
COSMIC Updates (feat. Community)
We’re back with more updates for COSMIC
The GNOME Maps and Geo Blog: Summer Maps
Since version 45 we had an “Explore POIs” interface that is accessed via a menu button next to the main search entry
TUXEDO launches InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 Linux laptop
TUXEDO Computers has launched the 9th generation of its InfinityBook Pro 14
FreeBSD Announces Major Changes to Release Schedule and Support Duration
Breaking: FreeBSD announces a more predictable release pattern and a cut in support duration from five to four years
PipeWire 1.2.1 Update Fixes Audio Bugs Across Multimedia Apps
PipeWire 1.2.1 multimedia framework update brings better audio with KODI
openEuler 24.03 LTS: I Try This New Specialized Open-Source Distro
openEuler is an interesting Linux distribution
Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” Reached End of Life, Upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
This is your friendly reminder that Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” reached end-of-life yesterday, July 11th, 2024, which means that it will no longer be supported with software and security updates.
Programming Leftovers
Programming, focus on shells
Security Leftovers
Security picks
today's leftovers
Free software and Ubuntu
today's howtos
afternoon group of howtos
Open Hardware/Modding: Raspberry Pi and Arduino
only 3 new picks for today
GNOME 46.3 Desktop Environment Released with Various Improvements
The GNOME Project released today GNOME 46.3 as the third maintenance update to the latest GNOME 46 “Kathmandu” desktop environment series bringing more bug fixes and small improvements.
Firefox Gets Morre Spyware and Bloat
worsening over time
Windows TCO: Ransomware, Outlook, JAXA
Microsoft causing disasters
Manjaro Linux Launches Revamped Website
Manjaro.org relaunches with a minimalistic, cleaner design and enhanced enterprise offerings
If you're ready to leave Windows 11 behind, this is the distro for new Linux users
SDesk is a lightweight, open-source alternative to Windows or MacOS
GNOME Extensions Website Redesign: Sneak Preview
A major overhaul of the GNOME extensions website is in the works
6 Sticky Notes App for Linux Desktop in 2024
There are quite a few free open-source sticky notes apps for Linux Desktop
howtos, Installations and Free and Open Source Software
Flatpak is an open source containerized package format similar to Snap
Pine64 Unveils Oz64: An Upcoming SBC Featuring Sophgo SG2000 SoC and Wi-Fi 6
The T-Head cores support the RISC-V RV64IMAFCV instruction architecture
DietPi July 2024 News (Version 9.6)
The July 2024 release of DietPi v9.6 introduces new software
AlmaLinux OS 9 Patching for CVE-2024-6409
At AlmaLinux, we place security first and we are committed to delivering patches to our users as quickly as possible
Red Hat: Still Herding CentOS Users Into Proprietary RHEL and Resorting to Buzzwords for Marketing
Some of the latest official Red Hat articles
Games: Double Dragon Revive, Drop Duchy, and More
8 latest articles from gamingonlinux
Lunduke and Ben Cotton Having Disputes Over Politics in FOSS
here they go again
Programming Leftovers
Programming picks, only 4 for now
today's leftovers
mostly GNU/Linux picks
today's howtos
4 only for now
Security Leftovers
Security breaches and more
Today in Techrights
Some of the latest articles
LWN Coverage of Kernel
now outside the paywall
Redox: An operating system in Rust
With the Rust-for-Linux project starting to gain some ground, it is worth looking at other operating systems that use Rust in their kernels
PostmarketOS: Linux for phones and more
In 2016, Oliver Smith reached a point of frustration with the short lifespan of updates for his Android phone
PostgreSQL: PGroonga and Ora2Pg News
some PostgreSQL news
Programming Leftovers
Programming related piccks
today's leftovers
FOSS focus in this one
Open Hardware/ESP32 Picks
a pair of articles
Red Hat / Fedora / IBM Leftovers
few sporadic updates
Security Leftovers
Security related stories
Mozilla Leftovers
Mozilla related news
Free and Open Source Software–and Other Market Failures
Open source is not a goal as much as a means to an end.
Mozilla Firefox 128 Is Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New
Mozilla Firefox 128 open-source web browser is now available for download with a new dialog for clearing browsing data and cookies, support for the Saraiki language, and other changes.
Android Leftovers
Google Play services updates for Android Lollipop end
PhotoPrism Bolsters User Access with New Single Sign-On Feature
PhotoPrism's July update includes support for OpenID Connect for simpler
Programming/Development and Licensing Leftovers
mostly coding-related stories
Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe Security Issues
Some security leftovers
Open Hardware/Modding: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and More
4 items in circulation
WordPress 6.6 RC3 and Dumping WordPress
Some WordPress news
Graphics: FidelityFX SDK 1.1.0 and State of Text Rendering
Some Linux rendering news
Games: Godot and More
Godot outsourcing
Software: RAT Tools, Zed, and More
3 items regarding software
today's howtos
groups of howtos, mostly from 3 sites
Android Leftovers
Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 don’t support Android seamless update
Exim 4.98 Patches Over 30 Bugs, Bolsters Email Server Security
The just-released Exim 4.98 MTA addresses critical SMTP vulnerabilities and includes crucial updates for DKIM handling and SMTP security
Announcement of LibreOffice 24.2.5 Community, optimized for the privacy-conscious user
LibreOffice 24.2.5 Community, the fifth minor release of the free
LibreOffice 24.2.5 Office Suite Is Now Available for Download with 78 Bug Fixes
The Document Foundation today announced the general availability of LibreOffice 24.2.5 as the fifth point release to the latest LibreOffice 24.2 office suite series fixing more than 70 bugs.
IPFire 2.29 - Core Update 187 is available for testing
Another update for IPFire is available for testing
Is the SSHFS Project Still Active
With its last release in May 2022 and only one developer left, SSHFS's future is uncertain. Is the project fading away
Ubuntu 23.10 Support Ends July 11 – Upgrade Soon!
Those still making use of Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ should be aware that official support for this version of Ubuntu ends on July 11, 2024
Windows TCO: Ransomware, Data Breach, and More
5 TCO stories for now
ARM-powered GenBook RK3588 modular laptop running Linux to soon enter crowdfunding round
The good news is that full compatibility could be enabled sometime later this year, so Snapdragon fans might not have to wait too long
Booting Linux off of Google Drive
Competitiveness is a vice of mine. When I heard that a friend got Linux to boot off of NFS, I had to one-up her
Spring Bulletin Issue 44 now online! Read and share it with your community
When we wake up every day to fight for free software, we often have a few things at the front of our minds
Best Free and Open Source Software
Fortunately, Linux is well endowed with plotting software
BlackArch – Arch-based penetration testing distribution
BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers
RHEL 8.10 Released as the Last Update in the 8th Series
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.10 brings much-anticipated software updates
Microsoft 365, Office users hit by wave of ‘30088-27’ update errors
Over the last month, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office users have been experiencing "30088-27" errors when attempting to update the application
Stepping down as GNOME Internships organizer
For the past nine years, I’ve been actively involved in our internship initiatives with Google Summer of Code and Outreachy
Top 5 Open Source WAFs (Web Application Firewalls)
In this way, you remain protected from possible threat actors
Recore A8: AllWinner-Based FDM 3D Printer Control Board with Linux Support
Th Recore A8 comes with Debian Linux pre-installed, providing users the choice to run Klipper
Using Nix as a Yocto Alternative
Traditionally, the most popular build systems used in this context are the Yocto project and buildroot
Red Hat's Paid-For Puff Pieces, Official Site, and More
IBM's microcosm
Tor Browser 13.5 Improves Fingerprinting Protections and Bridge Settings
Tor Browser 13.5 open source web browser for browsing the Web without tracking, surveillance, or censorship has been released today as a major update that brings enhancements to desktop and mobile.
Security Leftovers
Security related stories
Audiocasts/Shows: Linux Matters, Destination Linux, and FLOSS Weekly
Episodes released
Games: Bundle, Satisfactory 1.0, Stardew Valley, Last Epoch, and More
half a dozen articles from gamingonlinux
Zed: A Blazzing Fast Editor is Now Available for Linux
Get insight into the newly developed Zed editor that claims it's faster than any available editor out there, including its installation step on Linux.
Today in Techrights
Some of the latest articles
Devices: Banana Pi, ROS, and More
Linux-centric hardware news
today's leftovers
3 picks only for now
GNOME: Imposing Wayland on Everybody and Outreachy Report
Some GNOME pair of picks
Kernel Leftovers
Some Linux news
Applications: minimdnsd, STL file Viewers, and Webcam Software
Some software for GNU/Linux
today's howtos
day's end
Microsoft-Friendly Media Twists VMware ESXi Issues or Malware Getting Installed as "Linux" (VMware Violates the Linux Licence)
mostly FUD or clickbait
Naughty Dog May Still be Using Linux to Develop Parts of its Games
Naughty Dog has long been relying on Linux tools for game development.
Mozilla: WebDriver, Firefox, and More
Some Mozilla bits
Web Browser Leftovers
3 browser stories
Ubuntu Leftovers
stories about Ubuntu and some howtos also
Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
FOSS stories for today
Programming Leftovers
Programming related stories
Red Hat Promoting Proprietary Software and Buzzwords
what Red Hat has become
Open Hardware/Modding: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and More
3 stories for today
Godot 3.6 RC 1, WINE and Emulation
gaming centric or similar
Security and Windows TCO Leftovers
some stories about security
today's howtos
second howtos batch
Tux Machines One Month After Turning 20 [original]
the site continues to get bigger in terms of its size and also its traffic
Android Leftovers
Motorola Phones That Won’t Get Android 15 Update
Colombia: New All-time High for GNU/Linux This Month [original]
Desktop Operating System Market Share Colombia: Feb 2009 - July 2024
Microchip PIC64GX is a quad-core 64-bit RISC-V microprocessor for real-time processing
The PIC6GX MPU supports asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) to run Linux, real-time operating systems
Looking at Next Steps for Leap 16 Branding
Many thanks to all who participated in the Leap 16 branding workshop at the openSUSE Conference 2024
today's howtos
half a dozen howtos
Security Leftovers and Windows TCO Stories
mostly Windows TCO today
X11 Is No Longer Part of Fedora Workstation 41
It's final! Fedora moves to Wayland-only GNOME, dropping X11 from its media to enhance user experience
LXD 6.1 Launches with New Network Capabilities
LXD 6.1 Linux containers manager brings enhanced VM performance, OVN auto IP allocation, and new Powerflex SDC support
GNOME 47’s New Font: How to Try it on Ubuntu
News that GNOME’s design team is looking to make Inter the default font in GNOME 47 got me curious about what the typeface might look in action
Best Free and Open Source Software
Only free and open source software is included
Collections of Different Linux Distributions
Zephix is a live Linux operating system based on Debian stable
How I manage my KDE email
Every once in a while people ask me about my email routine, so I thought I’d write about it here
Games: Preserve, Sea Sniffers, and More
8 new stories from gamingonlinux
Today in Techrights
Some of the latest articles