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Sipeed Lichee Book 4A: Affordable RISC-V Laptop with Upgradeable Computer Module

The Sipeed Lichee Book 4A is a cost-effective laptop utilizing RISC-V architecture, designed primarily for developers interested in exploring this platform. It merges standard laptop features with functionalities tailored to RISC-V, offering a practical tool for both software development and general use.

DeepComputing and Framework Preview New RISC-V Mainboard with JH7110 Processor

DeepComputing and Framework have collaborated to introduce the first partner-developed Mainboard that features a RISC-V processor, marking a significant step in diversifying the Framework ecosystem and enhancing the accessibility of the RISC-V architecture.

MuseBook RISCV-V Laptop with SpacemiT SoC Starts Pre-orders at $299.00

The MUSE Book is a laptop that features a RISC-V-based architecture, presumably powered by the SpacemiT K1, an 8-core AI CPU built on the RISC-V X60 architecture. The MUSE Book is available for pre-order in three configurations, which include up to 16GB of RAM and two SSD storage capacities.


KDE Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment Officially Released, Here’s What’s New

KDE Plasma 6.1 is the first major update of the desktop environment since KDE Plasma 6.0 and includes exciting new features like explicit GPU synchronization support for NVIDIA users to improve their Plasma Wayland experience if they also use the Mesa 24.1 graphics stack and NVIDIA 555 graphics driver series.

Tails 6.4 Anonymous OS Introduces Random Seed to Strengthen All Cryptography

Highlights of Tails 6.4 include the ability to store a random seed on the Tails USB stick to strengthen all cryptography. The devs say that having a secure random number generator is critical for various of Tails’ components that rely on cryptography, such as Persistent Storage, Tor, and HTTPS.

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: June 16th, 2024

I want to thank all the people who sent us donations. You guys are awesome and your help is very much appreciated! I also want to thank you all for your continued support by commenting, liking, sharing, and boosting the articles, following us on social media, and last but not least thank you for sending us feedback.

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 Is Out for Linux Phones and Tablets with Many Improvements

posted by Marius Nestor on Nov 30, 2022,
updated Nov 30, 2022

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 is out

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 is packed with all sorts of changes to improve the scrolling performance of the Homescreen in the grid app list on low-end devices and fix support for the Meta key, improve the performance and contrast of the lockscreen, as well as to add support for device panel orientations.

This release also brings an updated design for the power menu that now includes a logout button, a new action drawer feature that lets users open the audio source app window by tapping on the media player, and updated Quick Settings to always open the mobile settings app and correctly display the marquee label in the Wi-Fi quicksetting.

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EasyOS Scarthgap-series version 6.0 released
EasyOS Scarthgap-series version 6.0 is released
Cinnamon 6.2 Desktop Goes Stable Ahead of Linux Mint 22 Release
If you’re looking forward to the upcoming Linux Mint 22 release you’ll be pleased to hear that the Cinnamon 6.2 desktop environment was “released” this weekend
Sipeed Lichee Book 4A: Affordable RISC-V Laptop with Upgradeable Computer Module
The Lichee Book 4A, designed for users proficient in Linux and involved in RISC-V development, supports Debian Linux as its operating system
Tails 6.4 Anonymous OS Introduces Random Seed to Strengthen All Cryptography
Tails 6.4 amnesic incognito live system has been released today as the latest stable version of this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution that protects against surveillance and censorship.
DeepComputing and Framework Preview New RISC-V Mainboard with JH7110 Processor
In collaboration with Canonical and Red Hat, the RISC-V Mainboard will support major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora
KDE Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment Officially Released, Here’s What’s New
The KDE Project announced today the general availability of KDE Plasma 6.1 as the latest version of their acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.
SUSE to continue supporting CentOS 7 users after Red Hat pulls the plug
No Red Hat? No problem
openSUSE Leap 15.6 Officially Released, Here’s What’s New
The openSUSE Project today announced the release and general availability of openSUSE Leap 15.6 as the latest stable version of this openSUSE variant for those who prefer a more conservative and well-tested operating system.
postmarketOS 24.06 Linux Mobile OS Brings KDE Plasma 6, GNOME Mobile 46
The postmarketOS devs released today postmarketOS 24.06 as the latest stable version of this Alpine Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and computers.
Lindroid, a native, hardware-accelerated Linux operating system on Android, is in development
Engineer Erfan Abdi is developing a project called Lindroid , which aims to run Linux apps on Android devices
DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II with SpacemIT K1 octa-core SoC to run Ubuntu supported by Canonical
The DC-ROMA II laptop is said to run an optimized version of Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop
SUSE Acquires Hype Factor ("Clown Native")
SUSE Acquires StackState
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Sparky 5 “Nibiru” EOL
SparkyLinux 5 code name “Nibiru” (oldoldstable) will reach end-of-life (EOL) on the end of July 2024
Finnix – Debian-based Live CD operating system
Finnix is based on Debian
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A music streamer lets you share your music, photos and videos with your network
Ubuntu’s App Center Now Finally Supports Installation of Local DEB Packages
Some good news today for Ubuntu users running the latest Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) or Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) releases as the App Center application has been updated to allow installation of locally downloaded DEB packages.
MuseBook RISCV-V Laptop with SpacemiT SoC Starts Pre-orders at $299.00
The MUSE Book is a laptop that features a RISC-V-based architecture
IBM Red Hat Latest: 80% is Just "Hey Hi" (AI) Nonsense, Hardly Any Substance in RedHat.com
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9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: June 16th, 2024
The 192nd installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on June 16th, 2024.
Cinnamon 6.2 Desktop Environment Released, Here’s What’s New
Cinnamon 6.2 desktop environment is now available with various quality-of-life improvements, new features, and many bug fixes. Here’s what’s new!
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10 Years of Kubernetes and More
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CloudNativePG 1.23.2, 1.22.4 and 1.21.6 Released; Load Data from PostgreSQL to Snowflake Using Estuary Flow
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[Meme] The Chickenhawk [original]
Microsoft is far more vulnerable than it wants people to believe
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Android Automotive gets Google Assistant redesign
Debian 10 Long Term Support reaching end-of-life
The Debian Long Term Support (LTS) Team hereby announces that Debian 10 "buster" support will reach its end-of-life on June 30, 2024
Dell Chromebook 11 3120 (Candy) with openSUSE Tumbleweed
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Stable kernels: Linux 6.9.5, Linux 6.6.34, Linux 6.1.94, Linux 5.15.161, Linux 5.10.219, Linux 5.4.278, and Linux 4.19.316
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I know many Windows users aren’t happy with their experience but hesitate to switch to Linux because of all the discouraging stories they’ve heard
Kit – lightweight, modular framework for scalable web development
Kit is a lightweight, modular framework for scalable production systems
Diamond Linux-TT – desktop Linux distribution based on Debian
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Review: Redox OS in 2024
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New Wine 9.11 release: Advanced C++ exception handling for ARM and increased DPI awareness
Linux 6.10-rc4
"Apart from a rather unusual spike in the diffstat due to a parisc fix, things look normal and pretty small."
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